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The lap desk tray is like an ergonomic pillow for your Laptop Computer. The lap desk tray is the perfect companion for those who like to work in bed or those of us who may be bedridden. It's also useful for anyone who must spend an extensive time in bed, possibly improving from an accident or injury, assembling it a great get-well gift. The lap bed desk is a small manageable table top with short legs that fit on either side of your lap. It may be enduringly set at an angle or adjustable to contain any angle, including the ability to lie flat. In Bed On the Couch Study and work at the comfort of your own home. A portable ergonomic work station for desktop keyboard or notebook computer. The tapered bottom is filled with micro-beads for maximum comfort and stability at any angle.
Backdrop of lap desk tray

The lap desk tray has been originated to be a very convenient and useful tool for both adults and children. A typical lap desk tray will have a hard upper writing surface and a lower pad surface to support the lap desk in the lap of the person using it. It is often helpful to have supplies escort the lap desk to facilitate its use, such as pencils, pens, erasers, paper clips and the like. A need exists for a lap desk tray design which facilitates the convenience of these trimmings while maintaining full function as a lap desk.
Different Features Of lap desk tray

* Anti-skid Surface to allow using your laptop at up to 45 degrees.

* Wide enough to allow using and external mouse

* Wrist Wrest

* Bottom pillow to isolate heat and place comfortably on lap.

* Hard surface for laptop and notebook computers or computer keyboards

* Lap-conforming pillow of durable canvas fabric

* May be used to take notes, write in a Journal or work on your laptop.

Lap desk tray is provided with the foundation

A lap desk tray is provided which has a base with at least one edge and a lid mounted to the base for movement between an open position and a closed position, At least one tray is provided which has at least one side,The edge of the base defines a first attachment member while the side of the tray defines a second attachment member, In agreement with another facet of the present invention, the lid has at least one cut out section to lodge the first and second attachment members, The first attachment member of the base can be a lip while the second attachment member of the tray can be a hook, The hook can be defined by a pair of downwardly directed hooks and an upwardly directed hook, It is intended that the present inventions include such changes and modifications as drop within the scope of the appended claims
Lap Desk Tray

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Lap Desk Tray

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