Features That You Want In A Sit And Stand Workstation

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Sit and stand desks are becoming a lot more popular especially in the last few years because they save you a lot of space and at the same time they can be very comfortable. The need to have more people in a smaller space is something that small growing companies always want. The sit and stand desk however is not just some pieces of wood arranged at the proper height. There are some features that would make the day at work a lot easier for people who use this type of desks and here are a few of those.

Working Space

Though you will be saving a lot of space by using a sit and stand workstation, but that does not mean that the work area needs to be small. You want to make sure that you are getting as much working area as you need. There is a chance that with the smaller surfaces you will get a little more storage room and that is perfect to keep you organized, but you should have enough room for your stationary, computer, and writing surface to do your work. If the desk is too small then the negatives are too much to justify the positives.


Just because you know who will be using the sit and stand desk today, it does not mean that the same person will be using it forever. That is why you want the desk to be adjustable for different heights. There are different types of adjustable desks, but nothing makes the adjusting process easier than an electric desk. Of course you can always save a little more money by going with the manually adjustable desk and still take advantage of the feature. These desks will tell you how much they can be adjusted, and a wide range is always desirable.


Just like regular desks, you want your sit and stand desk to either have some drawers included, or to give you enough room so that you can add some drawers or storage next to it. Keep in mind that if you are using a desktop computer, then you will need to have room for a tower, printer or scanner if necessary. Files that need to be kept close to the desk can save room if you can store them under the desk without making the area seem unorganized. When shopping for a desk, keep storage in mind.

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Features That You Want In A Sit And Stand Workstation

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Features That You Want In A Sit And Stand Workstation

This article was published on 2013/05/16